Saturday, May 06, 2006

how even this is well thought out

the different characters on "the office" have their personal playlists charted on itunes.

for all of you still in the draconian ages who don't have itunes, well, i'm too lazy to retype everything, but here's the best:

some of michael scott's valentine day romantic picks:
- opposites attract - "who's the luckiest guy in the world? that animated cat from this video, who got to dance with paula abdul"
- pride (in the name of love) - best song about a break up he's ever heard, but he doesn't know why everyone in the office start talking about martin luther king jr.
- take on me - "i love pretty much everything a-ha ever did".
- in your eyes - "remember in 'the breakfast club' when john cusack holds up the boombox?"
- faithfully - "try to listen to this whole song without crying. i dare you."
- mambo no.5 - "this song is so true".
- baby got back - "i love hip hop. this is old skool hip-hop, before it got all commerical."

and some from dwight schrute: twelve songs that inspire and motivate me:
- wild side - "this is my favorite song cannot spell 'schrute" without 'c-r-u-e."
- the star spangled banner - "no explanation necessary".
- more than a feeling - "sometimes you feel things and you're like, 'whoa, that's a feeling', but it's so much more".
- some gave all - "a singer, an american. a simple country doctor on the pax network. nilly ray cyrus will always be cool in my book."

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