Saturday, June 23, 2007

how those who don't think advertising is an art form need to take a look at this

people throw the word "art" around very easily, even though there are very few things in the world that are truly "artistic".

i mean, people call music "art", but is it really? listen to all the crap that out there. that's not art; it's commerce.

hell, it's the same for film. movie companies throw out so much crap for the sake of a dollar without any care or thought to any artistic integrity. "RV" is not art. sorry. that's commerce.

it's the same for painting and writing and anything else considered an "art" form. just because you write something down doesn't make it art. it's a chemical reaction.

my point is that very little of it is actually art. only a very few of it actually is. "art" is actually a pinnacle. everything else is just filler.

taking in all that, people don't consider advertising in any form to be artistic, and i can't figure out why. the same standards hold up. much like music and film, 97% of what you see is crap. commerce. insulting.

there's no difference, no difference at all.

but that 3%? hot damn.

this viral film for dove won the palme d'or in cannes. if your thoughts aren't provoked and your soul isn't stirred, then maybe you should rethink what art is.

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