Friday, June 22, 2007

how it sure wasn't danger mouse on that cd

i'm down with the whole mashup craze. in fact, one of my favorite albums is "the grey album" by danger mouse, as he took jay-z's "the black album" and mixed it with the beatles' "white album".

beyond that it was gorgeous music, there were two strong concepts behind it. first off, taking icons from the 60s and mixing them with an icon from today. and there's the second, which is how neatly the colors of their albums matched up.

why am i bringing this up? my cabbie was playing a cd of maships tonight during ride home from the movie theater. and they sucked.

as soon as i got in, i was treated with "you're the one that i want" - yep, from "grease" - but mashed-up with doctor dre and snoop dogg.


to break it down further, olivia newton john + john travolta + the guys who brought you "nuthin' but a 'g' thang" = not really working. actually, it would have been a complete disaster if not for snoop dogg. his voice and flow sounds so great over practically anything that he could take something that doesn't fit (like this) and get it to almost work.


okay, so that happened. the next mashup was, i shit you not, "pop musik" (pop, pop...pop music) mixed with (i can't believe i'm about to type this) "bring the noise" by public enemy. so i listened to a synthesized song about, well, pop music, but with lyrics about minister louis farrakhan.

yeah, that didn't work either.

my point? it was nothing like this cab ride from years past.

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