Friday, June 29, 2007

how i just experienced the best thing i've ever heard on a bus

and i have to publicly thank timothy taylor of 30th avenue for it.

thank you, timothy taylor.

let me backtrack: i'm on my bus, going home after work. the bus is not overly crowded, but crowded. every seat is taken. i'm reading my book, and mostly everyone is in their own little world. but it is a quiet ride.

mr. taylor decides this would be a fantastic time to break that silence and make a phone call. fine. you know, you'd hope that people would have enough couth and respect to not do that. but that's expecting too much from people nowadays.

and now, it's commonplace.

but i digress.

so mr. taylor called ticketmaster and was asking about packages for the all-star weekend being held here in san francisco. beyond the game, there's a bunch of fan friendly conventions going on, and he wanted two tickets. he asked how quickly he would be able to get his tickets. they said he'd have to retrieve them at the will-call window at the ballpark (i know this, because i could hear her on the other line). he said he'd rather have the tickets sent to him. she said they could only do overnight until monday, and he would have to be there to pick them up; they wouldn't leave it. he said he works and wouldn't be able to be there for them. she mentioned that maybe they could send the tickets to his office. he thought that would be a nice idea.

the tickets cost $54. shipping and handling (including overnight delivery) would cost an extra $19. he did not like this. how much would it cost if i picked them up at will-call? well, just $4. so i would be saving $15 if i did not have them delivered? yes. and that would cost me....$58? yes that would be correct.

okay, i'll do that then.

at this point, my mouth is opened, because, on a crowded bus, full of people who have been listening to his voice because it's the only noise that we hear, he says, and i quote...

"my credit card number is 5424..."

and on he went.

mr. taylor, thank you for your idiocy, and setting a new low for the rest of the world to meet.

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