Friday, June 15, 2007

how it's been awhile since alter ego steve has made his presence felt

yes, the world-roaming yacht-sailing casanova who mistakenly gives my e-mail address to women across the world has struck again.

new, from some lovelorn lass named kristi smith who lives in a city with a port:

Hi love,

Here's my flight information.

As far as renting a car, we actually switched out of the mustang b/c my dad said he rented one in Miami and the car rides terrible and all we would do is complain, so i'm not quite sure what car were getting now.

In any case, we are still renting a car so we don't need you to pick us up, however, i will need directions from the airport to your house, if you can email me that i would really appreciate it..thanks! :)

I'm so excited!! Can't wait to see you!! :)


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