Monday, June 18, 2007

how i'm not supposed to laugh

and i'm not sure how this will make me look by typing this, but i have msnbc on right now, and for the first time ever, i'm watching "dateline: to catch a predator". it's disturbing stuff, i gotta admit. yet i'm kinda laughing right now.

okay, i'm not laughing at pedophilia or statutory rape. obviously. let's get that straight. that's not a laughing matter. i know.

but i am laughing how suave and calm chris hansen is when he reads the disgusting dialogue back at these pervs, as if he's reading back supreme court testimony.

and i am laughing at these pervs and all their excuses, and the emaculated look on their faces as they sit there, knowing they've been caught and not being bright enough to get away with it, and how they've never done this before, oh no, sir, this is the first time, i swear.

and i'm laughing when they try to bargain with hansen for some reason, being that he's just a well-dressed man with a clipboard.

i mean, it's not funny, seriously it's not, but...

maybe it's just this batch of pervs.

yes, it's probably just these pervs.

don't think less of me.

i'm never watching this again.

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