Sunday, January 13, 2008

how playoff football suits me

the furniture in my living room has been evicted.

i'm standing three feet away from my 40" HDTV.

i'm peeking into the cowboys huddle, looking for signs, limps, calls, anything.

i see my D-line waiting for the attack. i point my finger to my head - "think! think!" - and then pierce does the same.

i've got my left foot forward, leaning ahead, juking my shoulders, waiting...waiting...waiting...


i'm crouching now. my head's snapping back and forth. romo's in the pocket, and i'm pushing linemen away, but he's still got room around him. his eyes are darting. i'm trying to get into his lanes.

he releases. deep.

i don't hold my breath. hells, no. i'm darting my head back and forth, looking...looking...looking...

jumping screaming yelling kicking fistpumping yeah yeah yeah!

sconi, here we come.

and romo? enjoy mexico.

UPDATE: just read this countdown from deadspin. it's pitch perfect:

0:24 -- A false start hurts the comeback, then a short pass to Witten doesn't go far, and forward progress keeps the clock running. Dallas invokes their final timeout.

0:21 -- Nailed by Osi Umenyiora as he throws, Romo's pass is incomplete to bring up third down.

0:16 -- Romo overthrows Crayton in the end zone. 4th down.

0:09 -- R.W. McQuarters catches the 4th down pass in the end zone. But R.W. McQuarters plays for the Giants. Holy sweet Christ, Wade Phillips is gonna be poked with a stick by Jerry Jones all offseason.

0:00 -- Jessica Simpson text messages Eli Manning.

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