Tuesday, January 29, 2008

how i now have some perspective

i always find any and all hollywood award shows to be terribly self-congratulatory. it's art. art is unquantifiable. and yet, gold statues are given out, and people talk about themselves, and everyone claps, and everyone is great, and you should know that because i'm telling you that.

and when i went to the one show, which is advertising's main award show (you read that right), even that was too congratulatory, especially when you consider that it's for something that pisses people off. and i won something there. i wanted to hide.

too much patting themselves on the back, people telling themselves how great they are, as if the world is a mirror mirror on the wall.

it's crap. all of it.

then tonight, i just watched the state of the union address/clapfest, with all its raucous and incessant applause, standing ovations and whooping and hollaring. and they were all for a blubbering idiot with a 30% approval rate.

and that made me realize that every other award ceremony with attention-hungry gloryhogs, no matter how self-congratulatory they may be, pales in comparison to the group of thoughtless children we've already elected.

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