Sunday, January 06, 2008

how about we give it up for sunday the 6th

this has possibly been the best sunday ever. why?

1. with my buddy will, i watch eli manning grow up and the giants win their first playoff game in seven years, utterly destroying the bucs. and, even better, this leads us to the next round against the cowboys. the cowboys! i can't wait. seriously. i can't.

2. roger clemens stammers on "60 minutes", especially when mike wallace asks him what would happen if he took a lie detector test. it was possibly the most enjoybale theater i've seen in years. thank god for sweat glands.

3. i found out that friends of mine will become first-time parents later this year.

4. the stony brook seawolves notch their first win in league play, a 75-59 triumph over maine.

5. the first lady of steveohville just arrived at my apartment to bring me dessert, the impossibly amazing hot chocolate from bittersweet on fillmore.

6. the season premiere of "the wire" began tonight, and it was wonderful as usual.

thank you, sunday. i think you are wonderful.

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