Monday, January 28, 2008

how it had to be notable for me to post this

but the doorway to my apartment building really smelled like pot.

i know what you're thinking. "steve, you live in san francisco. marijuana is virtually decriminalized there. you can't walk down a block without smelling it. so...why are you telling me this?"

well, because it really smelled like a whole lotta pot.

as if one of the mailboxes read "c.marin" and another read "t.chong".

as if a pot plant were growing out from the pavement.

as if the latest issue of "high times" were lying on the floor.

as if there were a glaucoma convention in my building.

as if all my mail were written on hemp.

as if the dry cleaner next door moved out and a bong wholesaler moved in.

as if they filmed an episode of "weeds" on my block. and it were scored by willie nelson and snoop dogg.

that much.

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