Monday, October 22, 2007

how i'm tired of the red sox bandwagon

i'm tired of reminiscing about curt schilling and his bloody sock.

i'm tired of seeing imaginary ghosts and green monsters.

i'm tired of hearing about coco and yook and "manny being manny".

i'm tired of hearing about the nation and the jimmy fund.

i'm tired of denis leary and ben affleck and any other celeb wearing a red sox hat.

i'm tired of listening about whether or not wakefield's knuckler will dance in certain types of weather.

i'm tired of absorbing all the bitching about gagne.

seriously, i'm tired of it all. and i'm tired of people talking about them. enough, red sox fans. enough, commentators. seriously, there are other teams in the world not called the red sox or the yankees. and that means i'm tired of torre and a-rod and all that noise too.


go rockies.

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Jason said...

From the desk of Jason Spock

"While I am disappointed in the Indians losing the series to Boston, I want to congratulate the Cleveland players and coaches for a largely successful 2007. I look forward to next year and all the promise of opening day. When a team wins 96 regular season games and is one win away from the World
Series, it is hard to call that season a complete failure."