Friday, October 12, 2007

how i did not jump off a bridge

i hope you haven't worried. i just took some time off. it was just a mixture of working hard, going home for a bit, feeling the malaise of the mets' collapse and just not having the time or energy to put something worthwhile in print. or web. whatever.

simply put, i've been swamped.

but that doesn't mean i haven't been collecting and learning.

like, for instance, i learned that you can ride in a thousand different cars and not hear soft jazz on the radio. however, that's the music of choice in half the cabs you jump in.

and i learned that anyone who doesn't think that sasquatch exists has clearly never seen this patti labelle video.

and, i also learned that the total acreage of all the wal-marts in the world is greater than the acreage of manhattan.

i was reminded that radiohead is still the most innovative band in the world, both musically with their new album "in rainbows" and the fact that, if you download it from their website, you get to name the price you want to pay for it. i also reminded that radiohead is british, because it's not set to the dollar.

i remembered how much i love to play softball, especially when it's under football weather and the game has as much back-and-forth as tennis.

and i remembered that when it comes to old bosses and great friends, not only does todd still have it, but so does kathy.

also, in the past twelve days i've been gone, i became a published writer once again. i had this article published at, where my friend rebecca writes. yes, it's a women's website. yes, i am a dude. no, i know nothing about astrology. no, none of that matters.

oh, and by the way, happy midnight madness everyone. god, i love college basketball. may my obsession begin.

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Jaime Schwarz said...

What do you recommend I wear for Halloween?
With warm regards, your hairy, bearded friend,.