Friday, October 19, 2007

how i'm about to say something controversial

i believe that dishwashing appliances are lazy.

i mean, the job of dishwasher is to wash dishes. hell, it comes from the english word dishwasher, meaning dish washer. and yet, before you give them a dish to wash, what do you have to do? wash the dish your own damn self.

oh, i'm sorry. pre-wash the dish your own damn self.

what a crock of shit, i tell you.

lazy bastards.

buying a dishwasher is like hiring an accountant to do your taxes, but then doing it yourself, and then handing it to them. but since you already did it, all they really do is doublecheck your work.

sounds ridiculous, right? like a waste of money, no?

then why do we let dishwashers doublecheck our work?

lazy lucky bastards.

i don't know who heads the dishwasher union, but well done.

to the rest of us? end the tyranny and demand more.

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