Tuesday, October 16, 2007

how i didn't know what mood i was in

when i got home from work. i've been working long hours, full hours, and although it's been fun, i've been swamped. it's gotten to the point that at times, i'm there just to be there. hell, if i'm not working at 7:30pm, then i'm not working hard enough.

it's not a work mandate. it's just my demented work ethic.

anyway, i got home around 9:30 tonight, and sat on my couch. i put on the tv, scanned guide and found...nothing. nothing at all. in fact, i really had no preference over what to watch.

none whatsoever.

i really didn't want to watch sportscenter or any political shows. the baseball game was over. network TV was uninspiring at best. and i hit DVR and found nothing in my queue worth enjoying.

i was completely moodless.

and then, i found, on some HD channel, the last round of scrolling i clicked through, i found it. so obviously perfect.

"there's something about mary".

it's been years. and, on a moodless night, i laughed my ass off.

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