Wednesday, July 25, 2007

how this is all about piling on

i'm sure you might have read about HBO's expose with steroid chemist patrick arnold as he claimed that there's no way barry bonds didn't take steroids.

i think, at this point, the media is just piling on.

let's be honest here:

1. bonds took steroids. just because the tools haven't been invented to catch what he did doesn't exonerate him. there's more than a mountain of circumstantial evidence to prove this.

2. the only people who really doubt this are ardent bonds fans, the uninformed, the misinformed and giants fans. usually, these people are one and the same.

3. all that being said, he's not a cheater. a cheater is someone who finds an unfair advantage over his opponents. in this case, he's not the only one who took steroids. in fact, more pitchers juiced up than batters. so by not doing it would have put him at a disadvantage. that's not excusing what he did. he just wasn't alone.

4. like i said, we know already.

i don't think this is news.

this is just the media finding another way to take a punch at bonds. he's about to break a record, albeit tainted, but instead of letting that be the story, they're just finding something else to ruminate about.

i'm just sick of it all.

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