Wednesday, July 25, 2007

how i would like to congratulate someone i never met

this is the perfect opportunity for me to give my warmest thoughts and best wishes to "the schmoozer" steve somers on getting married this past weekend.

most sports personalities on the radio are just oversized blowhards with undersized intellects. but "the schmoozer" is cut from a different mold. not only is he smart, but he's also funny and engaging, and it helps that he's fanatical towards the mets, knicks and rangers.

he's got a legion of loyal listeners. even from 3000 miles away, through the magic of the internet, i still schmooze along.

so congrats, steverino.

i just hope they opened the ceremony WITH THIS!

"well, good evening to you and how ya be? At six fifty six and fifteen seconds on wednesday evening on the altar. steve somers here, his wife there. eddie robinson on the other side of the temple. one, seven one eight, nine three seven, six, six, six, six is the number to call for what will be a three hour schmooze until tony paige at 1 on the FAN...NEW YORK!"

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