Wednesday, July 18, 2007

how i might have two new addictions, and i'm not wincing at all

i know this is an old show and series, but i just watched the first episode of "beauty and the geek" on the cw (whatever that means). it's insanely compelling and hilarious. i think it's gonna get old, but we'll see. another point: the beauties aren't really all that beautiful, but the geeks are at defcom geek level 113. and there's something endearing about that.

the other is "scott baio is 45 and single", which would be much better if they didn't pretend half the time. i mean, his agent's worried about the cameras following scott and how this might be a bad idea, but who do you think negotiated it? and there's a healthy dose of overacting during supposed intimate moments. i mean, they're going far out of their way to not notice the cameras. and it's annoying.

still, it's kinda interesting not only getting into his life, but also seeing how vulnerable he is. imean, it's not like he knows where this life coach will be taking him. there could be a ton of embarrassment ahead for him. but he's subjecting himself in this for the search of something good. and guess what? there's also something endearing here too, although he and his friends are classicly cliched los angeles douchebags.

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