Sunday, July 15, 2007

how i had a very productive weekend

six things i saw this weekend:
1. a seal in the pacific ocean
2. kelp on the sand
3. didier drogba on the attack
4. cows grazing peacefully
5. fireworks let off in the upper deck of a football stadium
6. the hard fall of a boxing idol

six things i learned this weekend:
1. didier drogba is an unbelievable athlete.
2. after 6pm on gameday, it costs $20 extra to get your car out of the parking garage on near the ballfield.
3. sunscreen should be in the glove compartment when you drive a convertible.
4. i would be very very very dangerous on "the world series of pop culture". very dangerous.
5. after watching the espys, lebron james has just got "it".
5. sometimes, a day alone is a day well spent.

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