Sunday, July 08, 2007

how i think the money would have been better spent

as much as i appreciated the thought and the performances behind the "live earth" concerts, in which the main focus was to alert the world about global warming, i just got the feeling that all the money spent on transportation and cleanup and everything involved could have been spent more effectively on some lobbyists.

in an ideal world, our politicians listen to their populace, but this isn't an ideal world. this is the real world, and they couldn't care less. they really couldn't. you can protest all you want, but it matters very little to them.

the only thing a politician cares about are those who put them in office. and as much as we want to believe that it's votes, it's actually the money behind getting those votes. we're talking the corporations and special interests that donate the most to their causes.

if the fact of global warming expects any traction, it's gonna have to be made in the pockets of those who can make a change.

we can fool ourselves to believe that people will change the way they live. but honestly, that's a crock. we all know that we need to have things done for us for change to happen. we're gonna need our houses to be retrofitted green for us, our cars to be made environmentally friendly for us. it's too much effort for a large population to change for themselves, especially when their neighbors aren't.

so a lobbyist, the real change artists, seem to be the only route to making change happen because the only way a politician will do anything about this is by lining their pockets.

it's the only thing they listen to anyways.

it's a crappy way to look at the world, but it's the truth.

just saying.

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Jaime Schwarz said...

I disagree for a very important reason. Just like the ONE campaign created out of Live Aid, there are now thousands of people signed up and more signing up every day to pledge to do something. And if one in 10 does 1 in 10 of the recommendations it more than offsets anything left over from all the carbon offsetting they did themselves. It's not like they went around driving a humvee and paid for carbon offsetting, it's like they drove a humvee with massive speakers on them (because it unfortunately is the only car strong enough to hold the speakers)to get across an important message and then paid for the carbon offsetting. Just call me Mr. Analogy.