Tuesday, March 20, 2007

how when "24" hits the 415, it makes me do a #2

a few thoughts about the series that makes me curdle with anxiety every monday night:

1. if this season ran during the time of any other presidential administration, the character of vice president noah daniels would be completely over-the-top.

2. i was kinda hoping that san francisco would get blown up, just to see what would have happened. i, for one, would have ran to the nearest in-and-out, because i can't imagine anything bad happening to me while eating a double-double.

3. that audrey raines revelation is really putting a wild card into things. i also like how jack's a player with his sister-in-law. can't see how much fun he'd be.
MARILYN BAUER: "jack, i love you with my whole heart, soul and body. life would not be worth living unless i spend it all with you."
JACK BAUER: "there is no time for this. i will explain everything later."

4. just because they foreshadowed nina's credentials earlier, i knew that she was gonna get fingered. and i know that she's innocent. so i'm waiting to see what happens with that. my guess? christopher henderson. isn't he dead? yes. so...why him then? you could never go wrong with some more robocop.

5. the country needs "the glove" to come out of his coma.

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