Monday, March 05, 2007

how his website has a much bigger purpose

i got this e-mail from my good friend edmund, who is currently fighting prostrate cancer:

The next step is to look beyond the confines of my current hospital (UCSF) and cast a wider net to try to find an appropriate clinical trial at another hospital. That could be California, the East Coast or even across the pond where they speak funny and stick ‘U’s where they just don’t belong. I’ve a small and highly motivated team helping me sift through the vast array of trial options, filter out ones of relevance, contact the hospitals concerned and sweet talk trial coordinators.

As 90% of the trials are just not suitable for one reason or another it can be a demoralizing effort, but the team I’ve assembled were mostly chosen for their dogged determination, never say never attitudes and ridiculously optimistic dispositions...So far they’ve helped me come up with a number of interesting options, which my Doc is weighing in on, and then further steps will be taken down application process lane.

To help the process a friend has created a website. It was originally conceived to assist relevant parties gain access to my full medical history. It has grown from that and now includes Abba songs sung in Hindi. All are welcome to visit and leave their mark – it’s a work in progress and constantly evolving. For a furious mix of facts, medical details and frivolity visit:

please check it out. if you've got something to add, then please, add it. it's for a good cause, the least of which is cheering up my friend and taking his mind off of bigger things.

get well, my good friend.

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