Saturday, March 31, 2007

how it's been awhile, and i apologize

look, work's been kicking my ass. and when you throw in a hellacious travel schedule on top of that, i just haven't had the time to write and, actually, the content to make it entertaining.

now i'm able to fulfill the former. the latter i'm just gonna have to borrow.

so here's some stuff i came upon this week that i found entertaining or interesting:

there's sad, there's depression and then there's kermit the frog covering "hurt" by johnny cash via nine inch nails, which is both of those things taken to the highest hilarity.

the barbaro cheeto went for $70.

i had access to the much-rumored nike employee store in portland and came out $281 poorer. but much happier. especially with some yet-to-be-released air force one sport culture kicks on my dogs.

i took a listen to one of the best live cds i've turned my ears onto. check out "donny hathaway live". it was recorded at the troubadour in hollywood and also at the bitter end in new york. i've never been to the troubadour, but i've seen shows at the bitter end, and when i listened to the cd, i had that place in my mind: small, intimate, the audience one with the performer and with great acoustics. intimate. that's a great word for it. it's an intimate show with a brilliant singer and an audience willing to participate. really great stuff.

while i'm on music, did you ever take a good listen to the lyrics of "american girl" by tom petty? chuck klosterman wrote about it on his blog for espn, and when i took a look at that's one of those songs that i never really knew the words so i sang the sounds. but now...whoa.

and in case you had any doubt, let sanjaya reign.

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