Monday, November 28, 2005

how to lose a game you won three times

jay feely.

seriously, as much as i'm angry with him is how confident i am with my giants. going into seattle where they don't lose, playing basically 11-on-12 against an impossibly loud crowd, and still manhandling them and basically beating them three times, well, i'd rather have the W, but there's no doubt who'd win if we played them again.

go eli.

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Anonymous said...

Dude...firstly, any friend of RBrown is a friend of mine. Also, let me get this right. You're a Giant fan AND a Met fan. Somehow, we must meet and hang, my unknown friend.

I shared your pain yesterday. Too bad Feely is such a nice guy or I'd be calling for his head. But you want to know what makes up for it?


If they get ManRa too, I might just shit myself.