Thursday, November 17, 2005

how lawyers suck

after my recent stint as juror #1 in a sexual battery case, i have a newfounded disrespect and downright hatred for lawyers - and it's well earned. i'm not saying all lawyers should be grouped together in that ball of fire, but the ones that tried the case were horrific on so many levels, and whenever you hear about lawyers in the news, good rarely comes of it.

anyway, netflix just got sued by a customer who claimed that netflix lies when it says you can get "unlimited" rentals in a month when, if you figure in shipment times, you can really only get about 10 a month, give or take.

okay, that's semantics. i guess that makes them liable. whatever.

plus they complained that the more you rent, the longer the turnaround.

okay, that's conjecture. again, liable.

to avoid all this semantics and conjecture, netflix wound up settling out of court.

so for all of netflix's customers, everyone receives one free month of a rental upgrade - so if you get three movies at once, now you get four for a month, and after that month, you have to notify them that you don't want the upgrade. i hate when you have to do that, but okay.

that seems like a nice little pot o'gold for customes that have been "duped".

that is, until you find out that the lawyers who tried the case against netflix won $2.5 million.


okay, that's completely unacceptable and clearly indicative of how manipulative this culture and society has been made by lawyers who seek their own profit rather than finding the common good and fairness. it's capitalizing, not capitalism.

so let's get those jackasses.

check out and if you wish to join in on the formal objection to this, please do so.

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