Friday, July 25, 2008

how you can't beat the humor of local television

the first lady of steveohville and i have a weekend vacation in monterey at our cousin's house. unfortunately it doesn't come with cable tv, so we're left watching the local news. as you would expect, hilarity ensued.

seems their anchor has a weird name. you just don't find many lead anchors named olga. at least she doesn't look anything like she sounds. at the beginning of their pieces, their correspondents have these poorly-edited long awkward poses before they begin speaking, which usually end up in garbled words and loud run-on sentences. and the dude who handles the chryon graphics was either having a bad day or was the ballsiest comedian ever (63 degrees in salinas and 05 degrees in carmel? anne thompson from vaniety fair has a beard and an adam's apple? the weatherman motioning to a graphic that just left the screen?) classic comedy.

my point? just great stuff from fox 35 central coast. highly recommended.

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