Wednesday, July 16, 2008

how i like to read behind the brand packaging

hello. we are kashi. we make high fiber cereals. and we're calling it "good friends". because we believe that this is a meal that good friends would enjoy together in a healthy lifestyle.

and by good friends, we want to make sure that we, kashi, think that good friends can come in any shape, size of color. especially color. and we can prove it. see? we have a white woman and a man who could be either polynesian or asian and they are together because they are good friends. because they see past color, just like we do. in fact, when we look at that box, we see two friends. that's all. what do you see?

and on our other box, we have another white woman, and her good friend is a black woman. and they are right next to each other. yes, we stand for that. that's what we stand for. because, when it comes to our boxes and our brand, this is okay. we don't believe in segregation. good friends can be anyone. they could be lesbians. anything can be possible when friendships are born.

we mean, they are not lesbians. they are not. (but they could be).

what they are, are interracial.

this is what we believe in.

and we put it on our box.

of course, if you have friends who are the same color as you are, then that's cool too. feel free to invite them over and share our high fiber cereals. we would have put that on our boxes, but again, we don't see color, so it didn't occur to us. maybe next time we can have two black men on our boxes.

or two white men.

probably two white men.

eat our cereal.

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