Thursday, July 10, 2008

how here's a bunch of items i owe you

here's some links that i dug recently:

when the first lady of steveohville and i were making wedding plans, i half jokingly mentioned that i wanted chick fil a for our wedding meal. and the first lady half jokingly told me she would leave me if we did. that being said, and not joking at all, i can't believe this wedding passed muster - by either party.

can you guess which which olympian is the adidas guy?

this is the best first round you'll barely see this year.

to all the high school graduates for next year, i ask you to play it safe. and if you don't heed my advice, take it from them.

thank god for sasha baron cohen. i can't wait for "bruno".

and, in case you haven't heard this yet, and while we're giving thanks to god for the best stuff on earth, here's the perfect marriage of some douche named dmitri and voicemail.

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