Wednesday, July 16, 2008

how all chicks want to do is dance and watch dance shows

the first part of that is a quote from my friend will. the second part is a human truth.

seriously, the first lady of steveohville and her friends can't get enough of "so you think you can dance?" and, unfortunately, with the lack of good shows on during the summer months, i've been sucked into it.

it's a bizarre show. i don't get dance, but i do get storytelling and athleticism. and when they actually tell a story with their bodies, the two of them moving at one in concert with the music, it can be truly beautiful and emotional at the highest levels. i really dig when that happens.

anything can be art when it's done at the highest levels.

once a show, it'll be just like that.

the rest, however, is just an endless compilation of cliched seizures. jumping for no reason. contortions for contortion's sake. complete detachment from logic, storytelling or emotion. no connection to the music whatsoever. there's just no point to it and no reason for me to care. there's nothing to answer to.

and that's the majority of the show. it's, at the same time, both horrible, hilarious and impossible not to make fun of. which i do. constantly. and without limits.

and the judges are uninspiring. nigel (the executive producer) knows what he's talking about. they usually have a choreographer on who refuses to say anything critical. and then they have a blowhard named mary murphy who just repeats whatever nigel says but louder and with an annoying southern accent while making sure she throws in her meaningless catchphrases.

how many more weeks of this?

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