Monday, October 25, 2010

how we're leaving Hawaii with a great taste in our mouths

Today was our last full day.

And with our daily schedules changed over the weekend, it was time to get back on it.

So we headed back to the beach, playing the game where I stand in the ocean, with the water as high as Wyatt’s neck, and he runs to me from the shore and back again. That never gets old, even though what was new was the slight rainfall and slightly brisk weather. WTF, Hawaii. Indeed. WTF.

But the sun suddenly peaked out and the rain dried up, so much so that it gave us a chance to do something we wanted - renew our vows. I researched getting time at the chapel from the resort. It would have cost us $750 for a 60 minute ceremony.

But to me, all the pieces I wanted were right here right now - Hot Mama, Wyatt, Hawaii and a break in the weather.

So while sitting on the beach, with the waves crashing behind us and with Wyatt building sand castles, I took her hand and told her these words once again:

I, Steve, take you, Lisa,
To be my lawfully wedded wife,
To love and honor,
To respect and cherish,
To offer undying loyalty and endless sacrifice.
And I dedicate my life
To be an exceptional husband,
A responsible and caring parent
And forever your best friend.
I promise all of these to you unconditionally
With every breath I take.

Perfect. And free.

But then again, perfect turned to slightly unpleasant – enough so that we decided to take our talents to the pool. Wyatt and I jumped in and he rode the horsie, but it wasn’t as much fun in slightly colder weather (and slightly colder water).

And once we left the pool, we got rained on again. But it was time for a nap anyways, so it kinda worked for us.

Especially when you consider that it was a three hour nap.


We woke up in time to eat. Hot Mama and I decided to save our gift cards for an amazing dinner at the end of our vacation. Of course, I wanted a steak house. I would have settled for a posh restaurant.

Our concierge recommended The Cheesecake Factory.


Luckily, Hot Mama is still hip, and she knew, somehow, that Ian Schrager just opened up a restaurant in Waikiki, and that we should find it and eat there. And we did, in the rain, find standing tall and lit, Morimoto, owned and operated by an Iron Chef and residing in the Edition. Awesome.

We cashed in our Visa Gift Cards and decided to eat the Chef’s Choice, a seven serving tasting menu daily created by the Iron Chef himself.

Here’s what we ate, I think:

We began with tartar served into our mouths with tiny little shovels

That was followed with hot oiled seared sashimi with carpaccio and amberjack.

Then we had something called bagnacauda, which is Italian for "hot bath", which is olive oil heated in a porcelain jar that you dip vegetatbles and chicken in,

That was followed with chawanmushi, which is egg custard flavored with foie gras and Hudson valley duck breast.

At that point, we had an intermezzo called Kombu chai to clean the palate. It’s a tea that tastes like saltwater. Doesn’t sound delicious, but it was.

We then had five pieces of sushi, my favorite being the thai japanese red snapper.

This led up to the main dish, the surf and turf - Wagyu beef, lobster with a strong hint of garlic and peanut pork loin

We ended with soy milk pennecotta which tasted just like creme brulee, followed by a piece of pumpkin pie and gelato.

And throughout, I drank a glass of Martin Ray 2007 Pinot Noir from the Russian River.

There will always be meals we remember for various reasons. Some because of what they signified. Some because of where they were. Others because of how they tasted.

This meal will be remembered for all of them.

And Wyatt was a perfect angel throughout.


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