Saturday, October 23, 2010

how the stuff dreams are made from are found in Hawaii

We woke up this morning with our daily routine:

1. We took the elevator downstairs and wished a good morning to the penguins.

2. We then wished good morning to the koi.

3. We then got towels from the kiosk.

4. Then promptly laid them down on the white sand before we jumped into the ocean.

It gets boring after awhile, so today we spruced it up. We tried snorkeling again with Wyatt, but this time we were smart about it. Before we got on the catamaran yesterday, we noticed schools of fish by the dock. So that's where we took Wyatt, and it was instant success, which as all parents know is the main ingredient in sustaining a kid's focus. He was mesmerized by all the different fishies that took route underneath him. Hot Mama and I would trade looking down through the window of the bottom of the float with Wyatt as the other shouted in which direction the fish were. We saw a lot and, more importantly, Wyatt saw more than enough to overfill his mental Rolodex.

After that, we continued with our routine:

5. We walked over to the pool, ordered piƱa coladas, jumped in and then waited for them to arrive poolside, where we drank them and ordered another.

It's a hard knock life.

We ended our morning early to put Wyatt down because today was a special day: Stacie and Kris' wedding. Becky came over to babysit Wyatt, and we had to spruce up and make ourselves pretty. That's no problem for Hot Mama. She just has to pick a dress. I had to shave and shower and put on a shirt with a collar. It's an effort and a sacrifice.

We took a 30 minute cab ride to The Plantation Estates in Kailua. Upon arriving, we learned a couple of things about it:

1. It was just sold for $7,000,000.

2. President Obama and his family just vacationed there in '08 and '09.

3. It's the most beautiful setting for a wedding that I could ever imagine.

I don't think the beach was private, but I'm not sure how else you'd get there. The grounds were perfectly manicured. The waters unscathed. The house was constructed with the most beautiful wood - even in the ceilings of the canopies. It was breathtaking and jawdropping and if I weren't there to see it with my own eyes, I'd think it were a dream painted by poets, angels and Jessica Alba.

As it were, the wedding was one that those same dreams are made of. A perfect ceremony. Delicious Hawaiian food. Great conversation. New friends. Ice cream. A live webcast using only an iPhone 4 and a app. Ideal weather. Hot Mama downing six tequila shots.

We even found a moment for ourselves for a walk on the beach.

There's truly some amazing places in Hawaii. And with amazing places come amazing memories. I won't need this blog to recapture what these eyes have seen.

I wish everyone could be here too, just so I wouldn't have to rely on my words to do this paradise justice.


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