Thursday, October 21, 2010

how Hawaii has a different meaning for everyone

The morning for us began at 4am, two and a half hours before the sun came up. For Wyatt, that was 7am and that was sleeping in. For the rest of the hotel, it was what it was. Good thing Disney never sleeps.

Before we left for a morning runs, Hot Mama looked outside and said, "It looks like rain clouds". Wyatt responded with, "It looks like rainbows".

He was right.

Hot Mama and I got our runs in while Wyatt played on the beach. Then we left the resort and walked to a breakfast place across the street, where we ate the best pancakes ever. Seriously. There had to be crack in the batter cuz i couldn't stop myself. The total bill was just $22, which was just $3 more than one Continental breakfast at the resort. And I'm betting there's no crack in those croellers.

We spent the morning in the pool with the intent purely to keep Wyatt up until noon and get him on Hawaii time. Mission accomplished. Dude went balls out for eight straight hours, getting everything he could out of his thirty pound body of energy.

Three hours later, he awoke with him demanding that we take him to Hawaii. But we're already here, big guy.

I want to go to Hawaii!

We figured out that, for him, Hawaii was outside: the pool, the ocean, the beach, the restaurants. The hotel was home for the time being. Don't blame him. He kinda right about that.

We decided to take him for a walk around the village, where he threw tantrums in a toy store, two souvenir shops and a surfing clothes retailer. Good times had by all. But we were just buying time for the luau.

Wyatt was mesmerized by the three escalators we had to ride to the rooftop for the party. We sat at a table where he had a clear view of the stage. We then ate a mediocre buffet and an indifferent show, and halfway through, he looks at us with tired eyes and says, "I want to go home".

No sweat. We agree.

So we begin our descent, down all three escalators that are how lit up in a crescent, and he looked up at them and says, "Rainbows!"

Again, he's all right.

I didn't mention this originally, but it deserves a note just because I find it hilarious. The Hilton Hawaiian Village obviously hosts conventions, and this weekend is no different. Right now, in Waikiki, we're in the middle of Pest World 2010.

Pest World.

It's exactly what you're thinking: the finest pest and termite exterminators from around the country to meet, greet, share ideas, get drunk and sing Bon Jovi songs. And just like the insects they kill, they come from all walks of life. It's truly a scene.

Of course, I had to google Pest World. And here's the thing: it isn't new. This is actually the 77th year that Pest World has been in existance. That blows my mind. For 77 years, people have been meeting to share ideas about infestation, and the best they can do to kill a mice is cheese set within a guillotine. WTF.

Anyways, more power to them. Everyone deserves a moment in the sun, to blow off some steam, to go from capturing cockroaches to chasing cougars. It's fun for the rest of us to watch.

Okay, just me.


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