Wednesday, September 03, 2008

how i'm still trying to figure out the whole palin thing

as most of you know, i don't believe in political parties. in fact, i view government and politicians as being a complete marketing mirage generated to keep people separated and in line.

the coolest thing about being an independent is that it allows me to keep an open mind towards the candidates of both buffooneries. but right now, i'm leaning towards barack, i'm still very open to the idea of mccain, although to be completely honest, i don't think a swing is gonna happen.

why is that? well, they're both full of shit. in fact, every president we've had since roosevelt has been completely full of shit. don't get fooled: it's all just lip service to get you to vote for them. nothing really separates the two politically, because what they say they're gonna do will not coincide with what's going to happen. political parties are beholden to those who get them into office, and those people are not us. it's oil companies, car manufacturers, banks and any company with a lobbyist in tow.

so, for me, i'm just looking for the candidate i'd be able to tolerate the most. and right now, i think that's barack. why? well, because it's not the bullshit he says, but rather how he sells the bullshit, just like reagan did for the republicans and clinton for the democrats.

but like i said, my vote has yet to be set in stone.

so that's why, after five days or so to think about things, it shocks me that i'm still utterly confused about mccain's decision to nominate susan palin as his running mate.

at first glance, it's a political decision: he's looking to cash in on all those disgruntled hillary voters still out there. being that no woman has ever held that high of an office, she represents an option for change. her beliefs go hand-in-hand with the right wing conservatives that mccain still needs to capture. and she's the only one in the race who has gubernatorial experience and has set budgets and all that jazz (although so did george dubya, and look where that got us).

then again, it's not political at all: she's got even less experience than barack does, which means that any attempt by mccain to attack his inexperience would sound hypocritical, considering that he's 72 years old and she's just his fifth cancer away from the presidency. and, considering her lack of experience, it shows a complete lack of judgement by mccain in a pressure situation - which doesn't bode well for his potential tenure. and the issue with her concentrating on this campaign while her family has so many other pressing issues for her to deal with just doesn't look good to anyone. and before you say that her family issues are none of our business, well, it is when she'll be holding the second highest office in the country - and that jumping into private issues is sadly the world we live in nowadays. doesn't make it right. just makes it real.

what i'm saying is that there had to be better options out there for him. there just had to be.

and that gets me back to this: i just can't figure it out. either way i look at it, nothing makes sense to me.

which means it's yet just another brick in the wall for barack.

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Anonymous said...

Is it true that you wrote this political posting while taking a poop? Ladies and gentlemen, the Political Pooper Propaganda has officially begun.