Tuesday, September 02, 2008

how i have a bunch of observations that have been welling inside of me

it stuns me to realize that a great number of people in this country still have no idea that the left side of an escalator is the passing lane. i've missed three trains this week because of ignorant blockages. i'll vote for the candidate who can write this into a law.

the differences between the mcdonald's southern style chicken sandwich and a chick-fil-a sandwich are huge, when you consider that we're talking about a buttered roll and waffle fries.

"almost famous" and "hoosiers" never stop giving me the chills, even on my 75th viewing of them.

virgin atlantic needs to get a little more intuitive. this morning, i rode in first class for the first time in my life (it was the only seat available). i immediately took a snobbish attitude, even giving myself a "rob van dam two-thumb salute" when they announced boarding for the elite like me. then, as the lower class people boarded, i looked down upon them with disdain and pity.

but here's the thing: for all the benefits you get in first class, virgin makes it rather difficult to use them. the buttons and knobs for getting the chair to recline just doesn't make sense, and could be much easier. and i couldn't find the outlet to plug my headphones in (they were at my feet for some reason). and the tv was tucked away in my armrest, without any sort of notification that i had entertainment of some sort for my privileged eyes.

my point is that someone as important and as elite as myself sitting in first class deserves all the accrouements that my elevated price demands. and it should be easy. i should not work as hard as the plebians who sit behind me.

also, if you're in the anaheim/disneyland area and can't find yelp's highly acclaimed goofy's kitchen, then eat at cafe casse croute and tell me what you think their sausage patties are made from. i'm thinking it's something alien. or angry.

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