Tuesday, April 01, 2008

how i am so proud of my friend dolly

tonight, a nation of teenagers found out what i learned a couple of years ago: dolly parton is a warm, funny, intelligent and amazing performer. and i was enlightened to see how touched the performers were by her - because that's exactly how i felt.

and. to be honest, i felt that the group of them did a great job honoring her.

the best by far was michael johns' "it's all wrong, but it's right", which was bluesy, intimate and exactly how she wrote it to be sung.

so was carly smithson's "here you come again", which was sad and emotional and spare - which was exactly how that story should be told.

and everyone else did a really good job, if not great. hell, even the phillipino sanjaya was alright. and don't give me "what about david archuleta?" he sung great, but he sings the same song every week. i don't know why they don't get on him like they get on jason castro for having the same limited range. and brooke white's "jolene" was an impossibly sad song sung by an impossibly upbeat person. didn't work, but wasn't bad.

paula shockingly was 100% correct when she said that you can't really mess up a dolly parton song because her melodies are so wonderful. so everyone had that going for them, which is nice.

speaking of messing up dolly parton songs, the first lady of steveohville was dissapointed that nobody touched "nine to five", which she personally covers every morning while driving to work. guess nobody poured themselves a coup of ambition for that one.

in other news, right after "idol", the first lady and i watched last night's "dancing with the stars", a show i don't normally watch, but one i owed to her considering she sat through kansas-davidson on sunday. anways, they introduced priscilla presley as "sctress and businesswoman priscilla presley". really? while they're at it, i will be a avid viewer if they introduce her just once as "actress and businesswoman mrs. frank drebin".

do it, tom bergeron. you have it in you.

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