Sunday, August 02, 2015

How we couldn't take the kids, day one

In Rome, a conversation with the kids that didn't happen because they weren't here, but would have if they were:

Wyatt: Daddy, I'm hungry.

Daddy: Good. We're going to a highly recommended restaurant called Perilli. They have the best carbonara in Rome, and possibly, the world.

Luke: Daddy, look, McDonald's,

Mommy: No, we're not going to McDonald's.

Luke: I want a Minions Happy Meal.

Wyatt: Do they have a Minions Happy Meal at Pernelli's?

Daddy: No, it's Perilli, and like I said, they have the best carbonara you'll ever eat.

Wyatt: But do they have a Minions Happy Meal?

Mommy: No.

Luke: But I want a Minion's Happy Meal!

Wyatt: Me too. No fair.

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