Monday, November 03, 2008

how i'm taking a redo on "echoes, silence, patience and grace"

last year, i purchased and jumped into the foo fighters' newest album and, to be honest, didn't really like it. i thought it was schmaltzy. too sentimental. boring. it sounded like a band that just ran out of things to say.

alas, it won a grammy for best rock album, further reinforcing my original ideas that this album just didn't have it.

but i've been listening to selected tracks recently, like "the pretender" and "statues", and on my work trip away from the first lady of steveohville and the boy of steveohville, and i decided to give it another take.

and i like it so much more.

and that got me thinking: the album didn't change, but in the past year, i have. and where i was once hardened and critical i am now softer and sentimental. i miss my family right now. and as i listened to the foo fighters on the plane, i just wanted to be home. dave grohl and the gang helped bring me there:

Wish I were with you but I couldn't stay
Every direction leads me away
Pray for tomorrow but for today
And all I want is to be home

All I want is to be home

then again, when you write something like this, sentimentality is a way of life.

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