Wednesday, November 12, 2008

how i owe you a bunch of links

this post is powered by the blind crossdresser i saw at the BART station, which made me wonder if he even realized that he was dressing like a woman:

i'm sure you've seen this before, but some guy posted an ad for his car on the forum, and the pictures included "sexy" photos of his girlfriend, who is everything but. just read all the pages of comments and responses. some great stuff in there.

the practice phone call on last week's "the office" was probably the funniest three minutes they've created. this season, they've completely raised the game.

our "lebron's DNA" feature debuted on it's first of what's seemingly an endless stream of content we're creating. also check out our shoe feature, "the story of the six".

also, my friend steve dildarian had his animated series "the life and times of tim" premiere on HBO a couple of weeks ago. check it out if you're into the type of show that'll make you laugh your ass off. if you don't believe me, reminisce about the budweiser lizards and ferret commercials. and then take into account that he wrote them. so yeah, you bet your ass this is funny.

and last, but not least:

i voted "no" on proposition 8 in california, which means i am for gay marriage. honestly, if two people love each other, shouldn't they have all the same rights as every other couple? shouldn't they be entitled to the same happinesses that we all experience without hiding it? i think they rightly deserve it.

however, sadly, my state voted "yes" to outlaw gay marriage.

my first instincts is that though i deeply disagree with the result, it is the will of the people, and that is that. but it really strikes me as wrong. and that got me thinking about the history of social issues, from women's suffrage to civil rights, and how if they were left to the will of the people, we'd still be where we were a hundred years ago.

so i'm changing my mind on how to approach righting this wrong, thinking that a social issue you believe in is worth fighting for, no matter what the majority of the populace decides is correct. let the courts decide this, i say.

what am i getting at? here's keith olbermann's take. normally, i find him more entertaining than informative and far too extreme to take at face value. but there's nothing in his speech that i disagree with. he's dead on about this, and so am i.

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