Saturday, October 04, 2008

how we're hoping that with her contractions come an addition

the first lady of steveohville has still been utterly amazing. we've been having a great time with her mom, aunt, sister-in-law and friend, a huge estrogen meeting with me on the outside, looking in. and it's been wonderful. the ladies have taken her mind off of her full body rash, the contractions and the edema.

now the pitusin is at level 60 (the highest), and suddenly her walks to the nursery have become marathons. each step has made her contractions heavier and stronger with bigger waves for her to surf over.

that's a great thing, a major first step.

so it seems although we're not at the home stretch, we've just entered the starting gate. and when they open, there's nothing that's gonna get in her way.

i'm so proud and honored just to be along for the ride.

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