Sunday, October 05, 2008

how they really meant it

they don't call it vacation. they don't call it paradise. they don't call it easy street.

they call it labor - for a damn good reason.

the first lady's had a rough time tonight. the cervix checks are very painful, and that's when and where they also inject the misoprostil pill into her. it breaks my heart to see her break down in pain like that, but it's a necessary evil.

anyways, between the all-body rash and the contractions and the painful checks and suppositories, she's had probably the roughest night of her pregnancy (and trust me, we've had our share of very rough nights).

but at 6AM, everything we've been working for came to fruition: her water broke.

i'm so unbelievably proud of her. i wish you all can witness how proud and strong she's been through all of this.

now we're at the starting gate - finally. and the finish line isn't that far away.

how we get there will be interesting.

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