Sunday, June 29, 2008

how san francisco is a haven for really wonderful days

with all the things that have been going up in our lives, the first lady of steveohville and i decided to do a whole lot of nothing during this past weekend. i can't tell you how much of a gift that's been, to not worry about deadlines or checklists. seriously. you should try it sometime.

anyways, you still have to do some stuff to fill up a whole lot of nothing. so we decided to go for a walk down valencia in the mission (about two miles round trip) and hit up a restaurant on the way back. well, on our way down, we got caught up in the san francisco dyke march and also the dykes on bikes parade which was, in a word, hilarious. and, in another word, uplifting. a bunch of the marchers had just gotten married in city hall, and it was truly an honor to applaud for them and their struggle to get recognized. and there were those who actually chose to get recognized by showing their tits. (of course, it's always the people whose tits you really don't want to see). all in all, from the first bike that rode by to the last pair of floppy tits who jiggled past us, the whole thing was pretty damn cool, one of the truly amazing moments borne in this city that you don't appreciate until you experience it. and, of course, it's not a march or protest in san francisco unless frank chiu is there. and he was, walking side by side with lesbians.

on the way back, we ate dinner on valencia at 22nd at this wonderful restaurant named spork, which has a fantastic little backstory. and now, it's become the go-to eatery for us to take whomever comes to visit. we had this delicious appetizer called "italian stallion" which was a small serving of lasagna with fresh mozzarella. then, for dinner, the first lady had strawberries with goat cheese croquette, and i had the seared dayboat scallops, followed by a root beer float drowned in sioux city sarsparilla. overall, the food was simple but elegant, which matched the simple and elegant ambiance. and it seems like i'm not alone with high praise. if you're ever hungry and in the mission, there you go.

at night, we relaxed on our couch, searched on demand and watched "gone baby gone", which is as a tight, smart and expertly made film that was made last year. then again, it's a crime drama set in boston, and two academy awards later, you can safely say that movies like that haven't sucked recently. and it's based off a dennis lehane novel, so there was a lot of good momentum behind it automatically. and, to continue on with the tidal wave of goodness, it starred the always great casey affleck and ed harris. and it was, i shit you not, expertly directed by ben affleck. yes, that ben affleck. seriously, this movie had a lot of great buzz around it last year, and it's very well deserved. it's worth checking out on a rainy night with approaching thunder. or just any night you want to be entertained.

then, at night, we watched the first ever saturday night live, which was aired because it was hosted by the recently-deceased great george carlin. the show was very rough in its infant stages, but it did have this classic andy kaufman skit, which from the first time i ever i watched it, has heavily influenced my sense of humor.

we then spent the next morning actually sleeping in, with our alarm clocks off and the shades drawn. 8:50 am was never so special.

like i said, it was a great day.

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