Friday, March 14, 2008

how oprah is making me sick right now

don't ask my why i'm watching "oprah", but she's got a panel of "other women" - that is, women who date married men and are disappointed when they don't leave their wives.

yes, these are women who are trying to break up marriages that may or may not be ending anyways. let me repeat this: they knowingly and willingly breaking up marriages.

and oprah is sympathetic to them, finding every reason and excuse to exonerate them from their actions. and the crowd isn't getting on them at all. it's just a big hug fest because it's the guy's fault. he's scum. all of them.

one of them, named sarah, has had multiple affairs with multiple husbands and even wrote a guidebook about it. what a hero!

but still, i'm wrong, i guess. after all, i have a penis.

all i'm saying is that this guy would handle this so differently. that's why i think he's great.

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