Monday, August 20, 2007

how i noticed many things in vegas

1. people are either well dressed, barely dressed or just messed up.

2. you would think that the guys the piano bar in new york, new york would have fun at work, until you realize that they are asked to play the same obvious songs on the planet, over and over and over again, day to night to day again. it's an endless loop of the same crap. then again, once i asked them to play "sir duke" or "for once in my life", and they told me that they didn't know how to play them. YOU ARE PIANO PLAYERS, for crissakes!

3. if wiggling your hand in the air is the universal sign for "my bill, please", then sitting in a chair and leaning back is the universal sign for "yes, i would enjoy a lap dance".

4. also, when you leave a strip club in vegas, you suddenly believe that every female you pass by on the strip would do anything for a twenty.

5. the reason there's no outgoing flights from mccarron airport to hell is because you're already there.

6. there's no culture in vegas, just garish facsimiles of cultural stereotypes presented to people who'd either rather not go there or are too drunk to give a crap. most are in the latter. and they're buying souvenirs.

7. you know you're having a good weekend when the first two voicemails on your cellphone sunday morning are from your credit card companies asking you to verify some transactions.

yep, i can't wait to get back there.

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